Wootown Stories is run by film + photography team Narelle & Jimi.
Having worked on countless projects (both together and independently) in various roles across Major Corporates, Television Series, Advertising Campaigns and small and large Feature Film Productions, Narelle & Jimi have joined forces to create a powerful, creative brand-asset model designed to produce high-end films & photography assets in a lean, mean package.
Between them, Jimi writes and produces Brand Films while Narelle leads Photography.
The result is a potent, tight-knit production team that delivers high-end, authentic ob-doc style creative assets that social-media brand managers, agencies, marketing managers and web-designers benefit from for years to come.
Rather than 'churn out' disposable 'single use' content, Wootown Stories creates lasting films and photography designed to resonate and have a lasting impact on audiences.
See some of Jimi's previous work Here.
For Narelle's Film + TV website, Click Here.
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