Q: Why make a brand story?
A: A well told brand story has the power to draw your audiences closer to your product or service whilst giving them an intimate insight into what makes your brand tick.
Q: Okay...then what do photos add?
A: Professional photography has a multitude of uses and can be rolled out over a long time horizon. By capturing photographs during your film shoot, you will have a whole archive of strong accompanying material that can be deploying on websites, social media, print for years to come.
Q: Do you only shoot agriculture products / businesses?
A: No, we are interested in all things artisan, bespoke, craft, specialised and otherwise. We like working with companies who are filling unique niches in their specific markets and ultimately improving their customers' experience.
Q: What's your style?
A: Woostyle! Natural, authentic, thought-provoking, sensory and meaningful. Observational documentary (Ob-Doc) would be the closest pigeon hole we're comfortable with - no glossy advertorial hokum, no pointing, no cheesy smiles and definitely no snuggling up around a hot steaming mug. We keep it real.
Q: I've never done this before! Where do I start? And what if I just want to dip my toe in? I might not want to make a a big film- Help me, I'm scared!
A: We work with clients of all levels - some have never done this before and that's totally fine. Give us a call and hit us up with as many questions as you like- it's on us. If you're still not sure you want to go 'all the way', we can arrange to write a script for you at a fixed fee- yours to keep. If you choose to go into production down the road, we'll take the script fee off the cost of a production package.
Q: How much does a film + photography package cost?
A: The simple answer is: It depends! Film Production depends on many variables and a professional film requires a certain amount of resources to execute. Our approach has always been to trim the fat wherever possible. We are a lean, mean team and we don't mince about. We only use what's required. If you want more bells and whistles, and we all agree it adds to the production value, great! If not, that's cool too! We work with our Clients and Agency partners to produce great results using professional crew and equipment to satisfy the brief and cover our intended script.
Q: I only want photos - is that okay?
A: Absolutely.
Q: I only want a film - is that okay?
A: Yes, but we strongly encourage you to do both. All photographs are done at the time of shooting, so really, you'd be mad not to. They will add value to your socials, website, etc for years to come, and costs wise, you're killing two birds with one stone. If you're 100% resolute that you don't want photographs - that's cool too. We can roll any way you choose.
Q. Do I get to keep everything you shoot?
A. All final photography is yours to keep in perpetuity and the final film is too. We generally don't hand over all filmed 'raw' material, so if you want  to keep the rushes too, let us know and we'll factor that into your quote.
Q: Do you make 'content'?
A: We do cutdowns and social edits of the films we shoot. If you're looking for content and don't know where to start, we'll happily refer you to one of our many production partners.
Q: Why are there so few examples in your portfolio?
A: Quality over quantity, friend. After years of servicing many aspects of the larger film industry including freelance agency editing, full-service corporate video production, studio facility hire, post-sound design (and more!) we've chosen to focus our energy on our film-making roots and specialise in high-end film & photography packages.
Q: Where are you based?
A: We're based in Melbourne, Australia.
Q: Are you willing to travel?
A: Yes indeed. Both Narelle & Jimi are seasoned travellers and are ready to venture into the unknown to capture our next great Wootown Story- maybe it's yours?
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